Moon Rally 2013

Andyzot Doony
Well what can I say, the most amazing Moon Rally ever! More great people than ever, as always great to see old friends and make new ones. The weather was awesome, almost like flicking a switch, the wind died and the sun came out. A massive Sprocket thank you to all the staff at The Marconi, Mark Dommet for great food under difficult conditions, the bands who as I’ve said before, without them and their generosity there wouldn’t be a Moon Rally. Thank you to all our friends who helped out and thank you to my fellow Sprockets for getting through it once again! Lol. Watch this space for what looks likely to be a record breaking amount of money raised for our chosen charity, The Autistic Society, so thank you to all of you that came out and partied hard!
Julie Reah
What a great Moon Rally.
Faye Watson
Thanks for an absolutely cracking weekend guys, us northern sprockets thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Hope we’ll see you again soon
Darryl Payne
I have never been so proud of a bunch of people . It’s an honour to call you my family. Just love you guys.
Bruce Kennedy
Had myself a brilliant weekend at the Rally again. Thanks to the Sprockets for running such a well organised event.
Numb Threes
Thanks to all The Rusty Sprockets for another great weekend. See you all soon!
Michael Le-Min
Had a fantastic weekend, thanks to the RSMCC and friends old and new will defo be there next year, great atmosphere ride safe be happy one and all
Bigmike Michael Whiteside
thanks for a great time we all loved it keep up the good work and see you soon 🙂
Martin Le Page
I’m sunburnt, feeling like death and skint…. All the signs that I’ve had a storming weekend with RSMCC boys and girls. Massive respect guys, great friends old and new! Same time next year
Martin Le Page
Legatus SMCC
Francesco Rochira
Just like to say had a fantastic weekend again with great people and music and really chuffed getting the “Best Moon” again. Made my weekend! Thanks guys, keep up the good work.
Artful Dodger
Thanks all for your hard work in putting on another excellent Rally. Hope to see you all soon in a field somewhere.
David Sooty Mills
Great weekend guys, it was our first visit to your rally and I’m sure I can speak for all the Taffia it most certainly won’t be our last, we met new friends and partied with old friends too, Thanks for the invite see you guys soon
L&R Soots prez Taffia Mcc

P.s. Lyndon (Cock nose choppers) was chuffed with his best in show award for the Triumph 🙂

Yan Finger Mills
Ok all
I was at this moon rally thing & all i have seen was people enjoying them selves with Brill weather, brill bikes, brill bands, brill food & brill company & lots of beer.
The Rusty Sprocket mcc tell you that we have to work it.
Wink wink nudge nudge.
jest like to thank you all for coming & making it the best weekend of the summer.
Thank you
Debbie Jones
Many thanks to you all for a superb weekend. Only one fault. . . It was all over too quickly!! 🙂
Tereena One-more Merchant
Fantastic turn out for the Rally this year ! big thanx to all who supported us, hope everyone had safe journeys home, and look forward to seeing you all again next year !!! well done to the team and friends for all their hard work in scorching conditions !! L+R, Oh and thanks to Derek Rees for my baby anaconda 😉 xxxx
Sweetie Sylv
Thanx for an awsum weekend guys will see you next year : )
Marc Boo Lewis
Another great weekend!!! Thoroughly enjoyed myself…. Again. Hope to see you all again in a short 12 days for the second sheep ally rally 🙂 big shout out to everyone who organised the moon rally great hospitality great welcome and company, expected no less and will deffinatly be there next year 😀
Wendy Crabby Luckett
Thank you for a great wkend,,,,x